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Dad steals son's video games & sell them !

Joseph Phillips is a 28-year old man with a 9-year old son, who he was visiting for the weekend. Some such visits may end with a heartfelt hug between father and son, until next they meet. This visit ended with a theft.

BioShock Infinite pic´s & TRAILER!

If God Exist He Loves Gaming!


check it out :

Friday, August 6, 2010

Psp2 New Trailer!

Vlog : Monkey Island 2

Anatomy of A Video Game Controller

As you may know im study to become a nurse and some of you guys call me the "nerd-nurse"  
and when i found this anotomy pics of our gaming controller i fell in love! 
The Beautiful Anatomy of A Video Game Controller
The Beautiful Anatomy of A Video Game Controller

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nerdy Proposal Stories!

Bernie:  Hi Tammy, check out what I found!
Tammy:  Wow, whats this?

Tammy:  Hey its Bejeweled, my favorite game!  On DS!  Where could this have come from?

Tammy: Hey wait, the screen cleared!  Whats going on?!

Tammy:  It's a ring!
Bernie:  Will you marry me?

Tammy:  Of course!

Tony, called girlfriend Steph over to his computer, showed her the comic, and she said yes.

Super mario Proposal (howcute)

Chrono Trigger proposal

When a Computer Science student decided to propose, he went with what he knew best and used his trusty Mac. Bjorn, now a Trinity Western University grad, told his girlfriend, Jenny, that he wanted to show her something he'd been working on. He gave her his password – a previous point of contention for the couple – and she opened his computer to find a happy picture of the duo. Per his instructions, she pushed F12 and a picture of a wedding ring popped up with the proposal. As she wrote on her blog, "He then got on his knees and confessed his true love for me. After some convincing, I said yes." Well done, Bjorn

Twitter Proposal
To @emilychang - After fifteen years of blissful happiness I would like to ask for your hand in marriage?

an engraved iPod for a sweet Valentine's Day gift. Well, a few years ago a Norwegian man named Yoak did one even better by putting his proposal on the back of a 20-gigabyte (GB) model. The message, hidden at first under plastic, said "Ana My Love, Will You Marry Me?" She happily said yes and we hope that their romance isn't as outdated as that music player.

Iphone proposal 

Nerd Love Letter [Pic]!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wii GoldenEye Gold Controller Bundle

While I'm not a big Wii fan, I do give Nintendo props for bundling a special golden controller for the new upcoming game GoldenEye 007.  For $70 USD.

via destructoid

What's your rating for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty ??

I haven't bought it yet but what's your 1 to 10 rating of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty so far?

11-year-old gamer receives porn on Xbox

A Texas mother is outraged after her 11-year-old son was sent pornography by an online gamer he met while playing his Xbox.
"When they are playing against their friends, it's a controlled environment," explained mom Rosie Garcia. "But when they join a party, it can be someone in Japan, Australia, anywhere in the world."
 "player then sent her son the pornographic pictures."
Rosie immediately called the San Antonio Police Department.
She also called Xbox and gave them the GamerTag information on the accused predator.
Rosie didn't stop there.
She also went online and filed a complaint on the Xbox page.
This can only happen to your child if you pay for the Xbox online service.
If it happens to anyone in your family, the FBI encourages you to report it.
CAN WE ALL LAUGH NOW?!  why is this so big deal? 11 year old´s should not be playing halo they should be playing lego batman ><
"the FBI encorages you to report it"  well check the video bellow! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Nerds Says " I LOVE YOU"

Google Goes Games!

Info about Google's new facebook killer service, part of which is including a social gaming service. I can't wait to see it!
 via wsj